Attitude of Gratitude #2

Today I am grateful for the kind man on the subway with the rockin’ plaid shirt who gave a homeless man ten dollars (the largest sum I have ever seen someone give), and the man who gave up his seat for an elderly lady. I am grateful for Deborah, Thomas, my mom, Ron, and Karl. I’m grateful for the wonderful opportunity to move to a much better, lighter, more spacious apartment. I am grateful for the love and joy Winston gives to anyone and everyone who walks by. I’m a proud mama. I am grateful for laughing my ass off while watching the Grand Budapest Hotel. I am grateful for the love I felt, and the near tears of happiness that came as a result. 

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Attitude of Gratitude #1

From now on I’m going to post, at the very least, one thing I am grateful for each day here on tumblr. Here is number 1:

Today I am grateful for my renewed optimism, love, connectedness, and joy for myself, my love for others, and humanity in general. I’m grateful for Arielle Ford, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Mindvalley for sharing their insights on youtube. 

Keep spreading the love and joy! :D

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Anonymous: is tim robbins married?

I don’t actually know for sure. I think he is. 

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It’s not easy.

If anything I am truly grateful for you. Truth is though, it is very difficult to love you because I won’t ever have you. “But haven’t you said before that anything is possible?” Yes of course anything and everything is possible, however, this is not because I say it isn’t. It simply wouldn’t be professional. Out of fear that someone may read and know who I’m talking about, I’ll instead focus on what I love most about you, because I want others to imagine you the way I see you.  

You and I have an insatiable desire and need to be free. But freedom to us is not freedom to everyone. Freedom to us is liberation. It’s redemption. It’s living with an open heart, mind, body, and soul. It’s about creativity and collaboration. It’s about love and joy and laughter. Simply, life, and all it’s colors both light and dark. The things you understand, talk about, and seek, are things I understand, talk about, and seek. You have had your darkness to get through, and so have I. You and I have also experienced the same sunshine. We have both loved and lost. You and I have the same favorite film and play. It’s like we’re two fish swimming along in the same river.

You walk into a room and I feel at home. You make a joke, and I laugh about it for days. You inspire and help people to get better, and I want to kiss you for that. You talk about the past devastations you’ve had, and I want to comfort you. When you look at me I know you accept me as I am. You have lifted me up, made me a better person, and showed me how to love and be joyful. I look at you, and have never wanted anyone so much. My favorite thing about my week is getting to see you. We talk about life and why we are here, and we agree on it all. You collect quotes, as do I. You want to continually cultivate yourself, and become the best man you can be. You’re immensely talented, though you are damaged. You have achieved so much in spite of that. You love my English Bulldog as if he were your own. Your eyes are beautiful. Physically you’re my ideal. 

I love you so, so much. I know you are a soul mate, but perhaps not in the way I wish you could be. I know which boundaries are real, and which are not, and this is simply the latter. My respect is too great for you to go down that road.

I guess I’ll end where I began.

I am simply grateful for you. For the life you’ve had, the man you’ve chosen to become, how you have inspired me time and time again, and the love I feel for you. 

Thank you. 

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A writer is a world trapped in a person.
― Victor Hugo (via fantasiesandgraves)

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Who are you not to be magnificent? -Nelson Mandela
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